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Ayadi Plus Diners Club® credit card Terms and Conditions

The issuance and use of Ayadi Plus Diners Club® credit card issued by BMI Bank B.S.C (c) (“the Bank”) shall be governed by and subject to the following conditions.

1. Definitions
(i) Account: means an account maintained with any bank by the Cardholder from which the Cardholder authorizes and/or
makes payments against all charges incurred through use of a Card.

(ii) Annual Fee: means the fee as stipulated in clause 5 (a).

(iii) ATM: means an automated teller machine or any card operated machine or device whether belonging to any bank or
other participating bank or financial institution nominated from time to time by the Bank which accepts the Card.

(iv) Bank: means BMI Bank B.S.C (c) and its successors and assigns.

(v) Billing Currency: means the currency in Bahraini Dinars.

(vi) Card: means credit and charge Cards issued by the Bank including supplementary and replacement cards.

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Ayadi Plus Credit Card